Friday 12 November 2010

The Week In Pictures #9

Well, the last month in pictures, if we're being pedantic. Which I always am...

1) Marie Claire in the bath. Yes, that is October's. I am very very behind on my magazine reading.
2) Girliest bath products ever? Snow Fairy is gorgeous.
3) This winter I am all about the colour. Then again, when am I not?
4) Sometimes I like to wrap Daisy in my Slanket and see her reaction. She likes it, clearly.
5) I'm bringing Totes back! I've had these since about 1994. Nice. 6) My One & Other book arrived!
7) Can you spot me? Read about my plinth adventure here and here.
8) It's that time of the year. Blanket on the bed time! I have two, because I get so cold these days (I blame weight loss!). The one in the foreground is an IKEA special. The one in the background is from Glastonbury.
9) I spent yesterday watching the lads from my work play a 5 a side match against a team of boys from one of our clients. So much fun.
10) The red cups are back. Life is complete.
11) Marks & Spencer frozen berries plus Danone Activia. Lunch of kings.