Tuesday 14 July 2009


Snagria. Get your snag on.

Today rocks.

  • Percy Piglets in my desk drawer. I may just eat the whole bag. I prefer them to Percy Pigs. They're smaller, less obnoxiously chewy and I can fit more of them in my mouth at once. And we all know that I live for how much I can fit in my mouth at once. Badumtish.

  • Tapas for tea! Tis the Mother's 65th birthday today and in honour of her becoming even older and even greyer, we're going to gorge ourselves on Spanish treats. I may gorge myself on a Spanish waiter too, but that depends entirely on how much Sangria I get through. I just typed Snagria. Which sounds less like a wine and fruit concotion and more like something you'd actually catch from a Spanish waiter.

  • Sun! The sun has returned from its gloomy hiatus and sprinkled its rays of joy on Warrington. Sun makes everything better. FACT.

  • Exciting plans for the weekend are taking shape. And by exciting I clearly mean booze-laden. And by booze-laden I clearly mean drinking until I feel it's appropriate to fall in a gutter. And by fall in a gutter I mean... You get the picture.

  • And last but not least.... I've been given a pay rise!! A four grand pay rise to be precise. And yes, I know it's vulgar to talk about money and no, I don't care. Because this is the best work-related thing to ever happen to me and I'm damn well going to shout about it. I work hard for what I get and it's so nice to be rewarded. When a lot of things in my life have turned to crap, it's nice to get some good news and to have something to smile about.

And smiling I am. For the first time in about a month.

I wouldn't count on it to last though.