Sunday 5 July 2009

Glastonbury: in pictures

A few Glastonbury gems for you (I say gems but, in reality, these photos are obviously the product of too much cider)....

Arrived! A mere 14 hours after we set off from home we were all set up and ready to barbecue. 12 and a half hours in the car was not something I ever wish to repeat but, somehow, the minute you're there it all seems worthwhile. The magic of Glastonbury is alive and well.

Tent city. But the lights, the lights! Look how they sparkle! Look at them shine! We camped on the Dairy Ground this year and it was pretty much perfect. On a slope, not too far to walk and nice and quiet at night for old bids like myself who need at least some sleep.

This was taken pre-rain. Look at my little smiling, slightly grubby, slightly (actually, maybe grossly) drunk face. Oh I do love me a festival in the sunshine. However, a mere half hour later this was the deal...

Rain = not my friend. I like to call this photo 'Fuming of Warrington'. I think my anger lasted until about 2 minutes later, when I got another glass of cider placed in my little fist.

Me, the friends, some random woman and MICHAEL EAVIS! Shame I got Mr Shaky Hand man to take it though. Still, at least this way you can't see my unbelieveable sunburn and my hair that took on Monica from Friends in the humidity proportions. Shocking.

The wishing tree. Every year I make a wish. For the last two years it's been the same one. Take a wild guess...

I found this amongst the old wishes from years gone by. How topical. And slightly terrifying. The wishing tree clearly has too much power. It must be feared.

The flags. The ubiquitous bloody flags. They're everywhere. "I'm by the flags!" comes the eternal cry. "Which ones?" comes the rage-filled reply. Flags = the scourge of lost festival goers.

Ah, Blur. I think this was during 'Tender'. They were amazing. I last saw Blur in 1994. That's 15 years ago. I'm officially old.

Roll on 2010!!