Friday, 31 July 2009

I talk therefore I am

Things I am:

Too loud. I have a tendency to shout if I get excited. Or make a ridiculous noise to express my delight.

Too messy. Only since I've been back at my parents though. My flat was always pristine when I lived alone. Therefore I blame the teenage rebellious mentality that comes with a return to the faimly home.

Too talkative. I talk. A lot. But only if I really like you. I have a lot to say for myself. At least 2% of which is highly valuable information.

Too excitable. See above. I get really excited by trivial things that I think are ace. A picture of a piglet in a bowler hat is just one example.

Too crude (but only in private). I am a fan of the innuendo. I am not ashamed.

Too daft. Stupid jokes, daft little songs, rubbish animal impressions. These are all part of my repertoire. But I do have a serious side. I'm not just a silly little girl. I'm a grown woman who just appreciates a bit of daftness now and again.

I am all of the above.

But you know what? I'm ok with that. There are far far worse things that I could be.


smidge said...

So i have a weekend of laughs, lots of talking, plenty of rude references, animal impressions and mess ahead of me?


Helen said...

All of the above apart from mess. I'm never messy in other people's houses!