Monday, 20 July 2009

Dirty wizard

"Snowy" by Diana Goldstein

In the grand old tradition of finding the wonderful things in my life, rather than the mad, bad and sad, here's a little list of things that are currently delighting my face...

  • A day trip to Nottingham on Thursday with my friend. Him for a prison visit (he's a probation officer, not a crim), me for lunch and a catch up with a friend from university. To reminisce and laugh and remember why I loved that city so much.
  • A weekend in Edinburgh in August. I've never been to Scotland and I'm very excited. I'll be sorely disappointed if all the men aren't in kilts though. With no undies on. I may have to request my money back if I don't see some Scottish rump! (RUMP! Love that word!)
  • I love this series of photographs so much. Particularly the one at the top of this entry.
  • This blog entry about Kellogg's new 'Nature's Pleasure' muesli. I snorted tea through my nose while reading so it must be good. I save tea snorting for the really hilarious things. If they're only mildly amusing I simply pour it down myself instead. It's my hilarity tea-o-meter. Trust it.
  • One & Other is still filling my work skiving time quite nicely. Best = the woman who dressed as a pigeon and flapped a lot. Worst = anyone who talks about religion or politics.
  • Miscellaneous other things include; lemon & ginger tea, it's pay day on Friday, wonderful messages and comments from my favourite lady bloggers, the bit in Bruno where he calls Osama Bin Laden a 'dirty wizard', multivitamins, Yellow Tail Shiraz, vanilla fudge, finding my smile again, sun, Bramble cocktails.

Et tu?