Monday 20 July 2009

Dirty wizard

"Snowy" by Diana Goldstein

In the grand old tradition of finding the wonderful things in my life, rather than the mad, bad and sad, here's a little list of things that are currently delighting my face...

  • A day trip to Nottingham on Thursday with my friend. Him for a prison visit (he's a probation officer, not a crim), me for lunch and a catch up with a friend from university. To reminisce and laugh and remember why I loved that city so much.
  • A weekend in Edinburgh in August. I've never been to Scotland and I'm very excited. I'll be sorely disappointed if all the men aren't in kilts though. With no undies on. I may have to request my money back if I don't see some Scottish rump! (RUMP! Love that word!)
  • I love this series of photographs so much. Particularly the one at the top of this entry.
  • This blog entry about Kellogg's new 'Nature's Pleasure' muesli. I snorted tea through my nose while reading so it must be good. I save tea snorting for the really hilarious things. If they're only mildly amusing I simply pour it down myself instead. It's my hilarity tea-o-meter. Trust it.
  • One & Other is still filling my work skiving time quite nicely. Best = the woman who dressed as a pigeon and flapped a lot. Worst = anyone who talks about religion or politics.
  • Miscellaneous other things include; lemon & ginger tea, it's pay day on Friday, wonderful messages and comments from my favourite lady bloggers, the bit in Bruno where he calls Osama Bin Laden a 'dirty wizard', multivitamins, Yellow Tail Shiraz, vanilla fudge, finding my smile again, sun, Bramble cocktails.

Et tu?