Monday 4 January 2010


The horror, the horror

Things and stuff....

Why do people use Facebook to tell their other half they're madly in love with them? Or, even worse, to tell people about their prodigal child's potty training habits? I DON'T CARE. I've been toilet trained for 27 years, big whoop.

The hard drive on the family computer died today. So that's 6 years worth of music and photos gone then. Unless someone can work a miracle and bring it back to life. Devastated doesn't quite cover it. I'll NEVER replace all that those terrible novelty songs and 'artistic' photos of my feet.

I'm starting Slimming World tomorrow. I've never felt the need to get 'help' with weight loss before but I figure I've got nothing to lose. I also think the shame of a weekly weigh in will help greatly with the old willpower. I am, however, fearful (mainly that I'll be the fattest person in the room, oh the shame) and my head is filled with images of Fat Fighters. "Dust, anybody?"

My first day back at work was, predictably, hellish. Hours spent working - approximately 1.5; Hours spent moaning about being at work - 2.5; Hours spent playing Farmville and wanting to punch myself in the face - 4.

I have got yet another nasty cold and have also pulled a muscle in my stomach (see kids, the gym is bad for you) so sneezing has taken on a whole new dimension of horror. As soon as I feel a sneeze building I'm filled with abject terror. Fun.

I think I need to take my grumpy face to bed now.