Monday 11 January 2010

Lamination sensation

For the love of God get your hand away from that machine, NOW

I have an important question to ask you...

If you had to laminate one part of your body for £120,000 which part would it be?

(You weren't expecting that, were you?)

This is merely an example of the kind of highbrow conversations that go on daily in my office. Working in a legal job that deals with a lot of personal injury cases causes you to become fairly blasé about most types of bodily injury. We see it all, on a daily basis. And when I say see it I mean see it, there are always photos. People who've fallen and impaled themselves on railings, people who've fallen into big holes, people who've been ice skating and, ahem, lost a finger or two. And the latest one is a lady whose hand was laminated when the machine she was working on suddenly turned itself on, causing some fairly nasty burns and scarring.

She did get £120,000 though which, although it in no way makes up for not having a laminated hand, is a hefty sum of money.

Hence the conversation about which bodily parts we'd laminate to get that sum of money. My friend A said he'd laminate his entire body to preserve himself for the enjoyment of future generations. Fool.

I think my job has made me into a bad person.