Thursday 14 January 2010


It's a tough choice

Last night I:
  • Watched Avatar again. My desire to lick cashew nut butter (try it people, it's incredible) off Sam Worthington's stomach has now increased tenfold. He is delicious. Still not sure if I fancy him more as himself or as a big blue marauding beast though.
  • Ate a burger at Bluu. It was joyous. See below.
  • Nearly slipped over on the ice approximately 40,000 times (possibly not accurate)

Today I:
  • Emailed my friend N a review of the burger I ate. Yes, I'm a loser.  
      "Bun - Pleasingly toasted. Enjoyed. 
       Burger - Yum. I heart meat.
       Bacon and cheese - Not enough for my liking.  NEVER ENOUGH.
      Salad - Didn't touch it. Fatty.
      Salsa - Tangy. Quite nice.
      Score - 7/10. Trof still has the edge for me"
  • Have eaten two bell peppers out of a tupperware with a frog shaped lid.
  • Have actually been quite productive at work, apart from aforementioned email.
  • Wrote 'touch' instead of 'tough' and spent about five minutes wondering why it didn't look right.