Wednesday 20 January 2010

Fatty bum bum

So I did it.

I joined Slimming World. Walking into that room full of women (and one man, bless him) was more frightening than taking my driving test, going on the Fourth Plinth, and getting my final University results combined. Or maybe it just felt that way because the terror involved in those experiences has faded into nothingness. I stood outside the meeting room for about five minutes, predictably. I pretended to play with my phone, I talked myself out of going in about six times and then I mentally braced myself for cries of "Oi, fatty" and people grabbing harpoons when I walked in.

Of course, none of that happened. I wasn't the fattest in the room, by a long way (which was my biggest fear), everyone was lovely and I actually had a good time (shock horror). The camaraderie amongst the slimmers was lovely, the atmosphere was lighthearted and there was not an ounce of making you feel bad about yourself.

I've started another blog to document my exciting weight loss journey. I use the word exciting loosely, obviously. I don't think I'm going to link to it from here but if you would like the address then drop me a line and I shall send you it. Be warned though, I've written a post that includes my current weight. It ain't pretty.

Bring it on, Slimming World.