Tuesday, 12 January 2010

In your face, cancer

My Dad got his post-chemo scan results today...

The cancer in the lymph nodes surrounding his stomach has gone. Completely. Not a trace remains. His full body scan also showed that, touch wood, there are no metastases anywhere. Only the prostate cancer remains and that should either be treatable or maintainable. He'll know more when he sees his Consultant in a few weeks. (His appointment should have been last week but was cancelled due to the snow. She kindly rang today to give him the good news)

So yes, today is a great day. It looks like he's fought off the cancer that was the main problem, leaving only the more manageable behind. My Dad is a living legend, I bloody love him I do. And it looks like he'll be around for a good while longer yet.

The only casualty from this? Slimming World. I've forsaken tonight's session in favour of fajitas, sparkling wine and ice cream. This is something to celebrate, after all.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to give my Dad a huge cuddle and spend some time with him, without the Sword of Damacles hanging over us.

*The picture is of my Dad, taken in the 80s. He was an incredible table tennis player. Gotta love that moustache too.


Blue soup said...

Very pleased to hear it. Make it a MASSIVE glass of wine.

Very best wishes to your Dad, may he have a wonderful, long future ahead with you x

Helen said...

Thankyou Soupy! After everything you've been through over the last few months, that means a hell of a lot xx

P said...

That's great news! I've not been reading your blog long enough to know about this but having a friend who's dad had cancer a while back, I know what a weight off your shoulders it must be. Now go get drunk. :)

notkeith said...

Excellent, excellent news. The only rational response is to now get wholly shitfaced. Apparently, it's the law.

Chamuca said...


And who cares about Slimming World? It's a time to celebrate!

Also, the stache is awesome. My dad has one too.

lauren said...

hey, i've been reading your blog for quite a while (not a stalker, i swearz) and i'm glad to read your news! i got an ace book for christmas called anti-cancer, all about small ways to change your diet which can have a huge difference - i totally recommend it for you and your dad. even if you find it all abit hokey it's still a really good read :)

lots of love,

lauren x

Helen said...

P & NK - I didn't get drunk. I'm a failure.

Chamuca - Thankyou! Staches for the win. We need some gchat action lady.

Lauren - Thanks for the recommendation, I shall check it out! And thanks for saying hi, it's always nice to know who's reading! x

last year's girl said...

So much joy for you all xxx

LizSara said...

I am doing my happy dance for your Dad. Brill news!