Sunday, 15 November 2009

Today I have a little game for you...

Guess the fruit! (No, it's not a game involving gays)

Please note the 50p included for scale. Ha.

First person to get it right wins.... something. Probably. Maybe.

The picture above and the two below illustrate perfectly why my Mum quakes in fear when I volunteer to do the weekly shop. I always come back with at least one strange fruit (again, not a gay, I know enough of them already), at least one exorbitantly priced smoothie (but they have hats on! Who could say no?!) and some form of chocolate joy to feed to my poorly Dad. Other miscellaneous items I bought today include a 2 litre bottle of vimto, three types of cabbage and 12 sausages. NONE OF WHICH WERE ON THE LIST.

I laugh in the face of reason and shopping lists.


Alice said...

ummm, a green orange?!

Chamuca said...

I think it's a pomelo.

I have never eaten one to my knowledge, but wiki says it's like a grapefruit.

At my old job, Lobster would buy a weird fruit every Sunday, and we'd have to eat it.

Weird that today's Sunday, too.

Helen said...

Chamuca!! Well done! I am suitably impressed with your knowledge of bizzarro fruit.

Props to you.

brightsidegirl said...


They're great to eat. Particularly for people who like to pick at things as every segment has to be satisfyingly peeled.

(By the way I wrote this before I even scrolled down on the comments).

Chamuca said...

Yay, I win! BTW, I didn't google it before guessing. I just googled it before I posted to make sure I wasn't thinking of some other weird fruit.

Helen said...

Chamuca - email me your address and I'll send you a little something nice across the ocean!