Monday, 9 November 2009

Get your freak on

 I will eat your crusts before your sensuous cheese interior

Ways in which I am a freak:

  • I get really annoyed when people refer to Disney World (in Florida) as Disney Land. REALLY ANNOYED. World and Land are not the same.
  • If I'm eating food that is round (a pizza, a burger, a jaffa cake, a wheel of cheese) I have to eat all the way round the edge first. This may make me look like a big mental but it means I get all the good stuff at the end. No dry crusts for this little lady, nosirree, just pure unadulterated joy. NB: This does not extend to sprouts, cranberries, carrot slices or grapes.
  • I am genuinely upset that Mark Owen has got married. I've basically been in love with him since I was 10 years old. I may wear a black veil for the next week or two and occasionally wail loudly to show my abject sorrow.
  • I went to Marks & Spencer to grab a sandwich for lunch and actually applauded when I saw that the festive sandwiches are in! Santa's Turkey Feast? Yes please! And the festive looking 'Piglet Party' sweets were almost enough to render me paralysed through excitement.

Do you have any slightly odd habits that you'd like to entertain me with on this Monday afternoon?


Blue soup said...

When I eat a McDonald's Quarter Pounder with Cheese, I have to hold it so that the sesame seeds are on the bottom (er, that would be upside down). I don't know why. I just do.

When I eat pizza, I have to pick all the toppings off first and eat them before the base (one slice at a time).

I can't walk over a set of three drains if they are touching one another.

Helen said...

I love the quarter pounder behaviour!! Amazing.

Chic Mama said...

I can completely understand eating around the edge first. Always leave the best bit until last. :0)

Chamuca said...

I refuse to eat the stem end of pickles.

Also, I refuse to eat the bottom end of bananas. The "bananus", if you will.

Helen said...

Oh my God. I totally don't eat the bottom end of bananas either. Bananus. Brilliant. I'm going to try and use that in conversation today.

nuttycow said...

You're all mental.

I, on the other hand, am obviously completely normal. Hoorah me!