Thursday, 5 November 2009

Birthday by numbers

Photo by the ever wonderful krisatomic

Yesterday I.....

... spent 9 hours at Court with work. We lost our case.
... spent 2 hours sitting in traffic. I lost my mind.
... spent 3 hours being trained how to deal with suicidal callers. Everyone lost the will to live. That's irony for you, folks.
... bought 12 krispy kreme doughnuts for my work colleagues. I will not lose weight if I have one.
... opened 10 presents, with varying degrees of awesomeness. My Mum lost one of my presents. She'd forgotten where she'd hidden it.

... made 1 wish. I figured I had nothing to lose.

Happy Birthday to me :)


Chamuca said...

That's hilarious your mom lost one of your presents. That's something my mom would do.

My word verification is mates. Weird.

Kristin Nicole said...

Love that picture, hope your mom found your gift lol
kristin nicole