Friday 27 November 2009

Hate is an ugly word

10 things I hate about you, the edited version:

I hate the way you talk to me, and the fact I dyed my hair.

I hate the way you drum on things.

I hate it when you pretend that you don't care.

I hate the fact you work too hard, and the way you read my mind.

I hate you so much it makes me sick; it even makes me rhyme.

I hate that you know me so well, why did you have to be that guy?

I hate it when you make me laugh, even worse when you make me cry.

I hate it when you lie, and the hurt and deceit and pain.

I hate the times we shared, the jokes, oh so inane.

I hate it when you're not around, and the fact that you didn't call.

I hate that we were happy once, and that I let myself fall.

But mostly I hate the way I don't hate you.

Not even close...

Not even a little bit...

Not even at all.