Monday 23 November 2009

The rantosaurus returns...

I blame Nigel Kennedy. He is the dark lord of the violin.

Today has been uncommonly rubbish.

These days I'm all about the positivity and try not to project negative thoughts into the blogosphere (HATE THAT WORD) but today I'm finding it difficult. I am filled with both woe and frustration. 

Rubbish things that have happened today:

  • My friend at work made me feel about a foot tall when we were talking about some classical concert or other that she went to on Friday. Apparently I'm an imbecile because I didn't know that Stradivarius violins were made by a man a long time ago and not by a company. A tiff over a 4 million pound violin? The most middle class tiff ever. Stringed instrument rage.
  • My tuna sandwich had onions in it. ONIONS. Why would I expect them in a sandwich simply called 'tuna mayonnaise'. Where is the onion implication in those two words? NOWHERE. Sandwich making swines. If I there are to be onions present I want that to have been my choice. Food rage.
  • I brought work home to do in order to get ahead and reach my target this month and the Excel on this computer isn't compatible with the one on my work computer, so I can't open the file I sent to myself. Techno rage.
  • I've been waiting for a delivery of the most amazing Steve Madden silver peep toe shoes for the last three weeks. I emailed Cocosa to find out where they were. "We were unable to fulfil your order" came the emailed reply. THANKS FOR LETTING ME KNOW. Customer service rage.

And, relax....