Wednesday 2 September 2009

We are (not) raving...

Time to hang them up?

I am old.

I don't mean in terms of my actual age. I'm 27. That's not really old at all. Plus, I still get asked for ID literally every time I try and buy alcohol (I got asked when I was trying to buy an 18 rated DVD recently too. Fail). I think my face is actually defying the aging process as I used to get into nightclubs without ID when I was 15. Now I can't so much as buy a bottle of wine in Spar without getting asked. Me and C were actually the peter pan and tinkerbell of all couples, 27 and 31 respectively, yet getting away with student fare on the buses and having to prove our ages in Asda.

No, I'm not old in terms of years on the planet.

I'm old in terms of how utterly incapable I am now of coping with more than one night out in a weekend. Even one night out is pushing it to be honest. I used to be a fairly stamina-tastic party goer. I've lost count of the number of times that I got in from a night out, had a quick shower and then went straight to work. No sleep required. The number of times I've been in a club till 7am and then emerged bleary-eyed and blinking into the morning sun. The many times we'd get home, crack open the wine and spend the day staving off a hangover by simply not stopping, eventually going to bed at least 36 hours after we last slept.

Not any more.

Over the last year or so I've become too old for the getting messy, out till 8am, up all night and all the next day malarkey. I'm in bed for 10pm Sunday-Thursday. If I'm not out on Friday night I'll be in bed for about 10pm too, exhausted from a week at work. And, on nights out, even if I do manage to stay out past 2am, it's just generally not as much.... fun as it used to be. I no longer have the insatiable desire to rave it up until the small hours every weekend. Occasionally I still love a big night out, the getting ready, the putting music on, the pre-going out drinks. Just not all the time. I'd rather go for a nice dinner, have a bottle or two of wine and watch a film.

A year or two ago, I was always looking for the next night out, always looking at DJ lineups, constantly looking for the next party. I just don't have the desire or inclination to do that anymore. I think I've lost my party gene.

Or maybe, just maybe, I'm actually growing up.


Disclaimer: This post was brought to you by the second day of a stonking hangover, tiredness and a banging headache. Let's see how I feel on Saturday morning before I hang up my glowsticks for good.