Wednesday 23 September 2009

Things wot I like...

Getting Booshy in NYC

This week I am mostly loving...

  • This interview with the Julian Barratt and the Noel Fielding. I've lost a bit of love for the Boosh recently. Series 3 was not up to scratch and, quite frankly, I think Noel comes across as a bit of a nob. But this excerpt had renewed my ardour slightly:
"JB: I’d like to do a book of menus.

NF: Really?

JB: Yeah, just weird, sort of… “Night-bruised onions.”

NF: Very funny. But made up?

JB: Yes. Or “wine-saddened potatoes.” Just sort of weird recipes. “Leave an orange in the shadow of a…”

NF: “Jealous pomegranate.”

JB: “Shadow of an angry man for four minutes.”

NF: [Laughs.] That’d be quite good.

JB: Yeah.

NF: The zest of a parsnip. The whimsical zest from a shaved parsnip. That’s good. We should do that. We should publish that."

  • Kitsu Sakurako's AMAZING bento boxes on Flickr. Seriously. They're incredible. I particularly love this one...
  • The photos of the wedding and the hen do. Hilarious. They're on facebook for anyone who's friends with me. If you're not then the hen do photos are here and the wedding photos are here. Those links should work. If not, I'm clearly a techno-rem.
  • Kanye any website you like here. Hours (ok, minutes) of fun.
  • See what's trending on Twitter in your local area at Trendsmap. Exciting things like 'Stockport', 'Sugababes' and 'ebay' are trending in Manchester at the moment. How subversive.
  • I'm going to Blackpool on Saturday! I heart Blackpool. Fish and chips, rock, kiss me quick hats, 10p bingo, terrifying bed and breakfasts. I love it all. In a purely ironic way of course, ahem.
  • I made the best buffalo wings ever for my tea. Frank's RedHot sauce combined with melted butter. Chicken wings jointed and oven baked for 1 hour. Combine the two. Heaven. Plus my homemade blue cheese dip. Double heaven. The diet starts tomorrow so this was my last hurrah. And what a hurrah it was.
  • Miscellaneous other things include: Les Rythmes Digitales on full blast while walking to my car in the glorious Autumn sunshine; a couple of days to myself as the parents are away; tickets to see Michael McIntyre in October; Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc, it's my new favourite; and.... pay day on Friday!

I heart you Jacques Lu Cont/Stuart Price/Thin White Duke/whatever you're calling yourself