Saturday 5 September 2009

Get shaky (face)

Oh Ferris, I heart thee

As it's yet another cold and rainy day here in the North of England, I think it's time for a little list of things that are currently delighting my face and keeping me warm and chuckly despite the grey...

  • The Fat Man Can Can. I wouldn't click on that if you're easily offended or at work but it made me guffaw this morning whilst browsing the b3ta newsletter.
  • Tape Yourself. This is almost on a par with shaky face in terms of sheer puerile enjoyment for me. See evidence of me doing a shaky face at Bloom Festival last year below. I've had various comments on this picture, the most complimentary being that I look like Mangalore from the 5th Element.
Well fit.
  • Uncomfortable plot summaries. I particularly enjoy the ones for Ferris Bueller and the Alien films.
  • How to be an awesome girlfriend like Sloane Peterson. More Ferris Bueller. I'm having a mini revival. "Anyone?... Anyone?..."
  • A time lapse video of the Milky Way. This is amazing and reminds me of of the show me and C saw at the Hayden Planetarium in New York. Happy days.
  • Miscellaneous other things include curry and drinks with work ladies later (the costs sisterhood, hell yes), wedding next weekend in Bath, plans taking shape, lemon and ginger tea at my desk in the morning, Sainsbury's mini cooking chorizo - fat little bundles of sausagey wonderment, wasabi peas, the return of Strictly Come Dancing and, with it, Alesha Dizon's joyous laugh and Green & Black's cherry chocolate...

Happy Saturday, everyone!