Wednesday 9 September 2009


Things I hate #643:

When someone is angry with me for no fathomable reason.

I'm a sensitive soul really, despite brash northern appearances. I care greatly what others think of me and how people see me. I also care a huge amount about being liked. I would never knowingly do something to make someone angry. I would never intentionally hurt someone. When I make mistakes I apologise for them. I also hate the thought that someone would say bad things about me behind my back. Nothing hurts me more. Especially when I don't get the chance to defend myself.

I make mistakes. I'm human.

But I'm always but always sorry for them.

All I ever wanted was the same in return. To be treated as I would treat others. I've not aired my dirty laundry in public, I haven't said a single derogatory word. And there are many I could have said. Maybe should have said. But, as far as I'm concerned, what goes on in a relationship is between those two people. It's noone else's business.

I've let go of the past. I wish you had too.