Tuesday 8 September 2009

A New York Tale: Part 4

Best subway station ever?

Have I seriously not finished this holiday rundown yet? Apparently not. Catch up here, here and here if you want to/have a desire to bore yourself/are having trouble sleeping.

The fourth day of our little sojourn started with egg and cheese bagels and hazelnut coffee at Zanny's. We may also have bought flapjacks for later. For later read five minutes later. I'm all about the justification for buying baked goods though, it makes me feel better.

How mammoth is that?! Ugh, I suck

A subway ride later and we emerged at our destination... the American Museum of Natural History. I have but one word for it: amazing. Also: huge. So, two words then: amazing and huge. Yes, I am still talking about the museum. Badumtish. Seriously though, best museum ever. It took us about two hours to get through the space exhibit and that was only a tiny little part of it. Then there was the space show in the Hayden Planetarium which delighted me and made me feel like a tiny little person in a huge huge world.



We spent most of the day in the museum and we barely even saw half of it as, before long, that darned happy hour was calling us again and tempting us with it's cheap boozes, the swine. (We did manage to fit another Shake Shack burger in first though. Obv.) We headed to the East Village and tried La Linea, d.b.a. and a random Irish bar. Beer and gin abounded. Although not together. We may be British but i draw the line at that.

Mason jars ftw

With rumbling stomachs and feeling a little tipsy we wandered aimlessly until we happened upon a fantastic little restaurant, Mara's Homemade. Ribs, fried chicken, garlic mashed potatoes and all manner of soul food goodness was consumed here. However, the highlight was the gin and tonic. Strong as you like and served in a mason jar. Two gin and tonics were enough to ensure that by the time we made it to see Ladytron at Le Poisson Rouge we were drunk enough to contemplate drinking Rolling Rock. And Stella. Ugh. The memories of the night are a little hazy, to say the least. Nearly as hazy as this photo...

This was taken in the Peculier Pub (seriously, I can't believe I went somewhere with such a gross misspelling in the name, it goes against all my pedantic sensibilities). If you ever go there don't ask what bottled beers they have. C made that mistake and was promptly handed an A4 sheet of paper, printed both back and front, that listed approximately 45 million different beers. Fail.

To be continued...