Friday 11 September 2009


Ahh, Friday...

It's been a long and strange week. I'm still not entirely sure about certain things that have happened. Why, who, what, when, how. But it really doesn't matter now because for the next two glorious days I shall be staying here. I'm off to Bath for the wedding of one of my Uni friends. The ceremony and wedding breakfast are taking place here and I for one cannot wait. The weather forecast is wonderful, the wine will be plentiful and there will be much laughter, foolish dancing and tipsy, hazy memories made. I'm taking a Chris as my plus one. Not the Chris whose name was on the original invite. But still.

I fear I may be a weeping mess at the ceremony. It's the first wedding of a friend that I'll have been to and she's been through so much in her 27 years on this planet. She's so strong and so beautiful and she's found a man that can catch her when she falls, make her laugh when she's down and tell her she's the most wonderful person in this world.

Isn't that all anyone really wants?

I had it. Once. It was nice. Very nice.