Monday 7 September 2009

Playing the fool

I've just spent my lunch hour looking through old photos. I have but one conclusion. I am a fool.

Exhibit A: Smoking cigars whilst seemingly not wearing any make up and being approximately 3 stone heavier than I am now. Don't I look please with myself though.

Tribeca, Manchester - 2007

Exhibit B: The infamous 'snarl' picture. No, I don't know what I'm doing either. But how we laughed.

Lake District - 2008

Exhibit C: Posing with a bottle of Blue Nun at Glastonbury. Bought as an homage to Sir Alan of Partridge.

Glastonbury Festival, 2008

Exhibit D: Dressing up as Mikhail Gorbachev for an A-Level History revision weekend in Anglesey. We had to dress as a historical figure. Most of the girls went as Jackie O. I went as Gorby and my friend Emma went as Gandhi. We did it for the bald wigs alone.


Exhibit E: Mimicking a bust in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. Note the wrinkled chin and ridiculous expression. Again, I'm really rather pleased with myself here.

The Met - April 2009

Exhibit F: Dressing as the bearded lady for a circus themed birthday party. I am sans beard here though, it was just too darn itchy.

Manchester - April 2009