Friday, 26 February 2010

Good things hunting

The Good:

Another promotion at work and a hefty payrise.
A weekend in London in April. (London people, let's hang!)
Barcelona, obv.
Northern Quarter drinking tomorrow night.
A selection weekend for the Festival Branch of the charity next week. In an old boarding school. Late night drinking and flouting of lights out rules ahoy!
A weekend in Nottingham in March. I miss it.

The Bad:

I've started having migraines. I had my first one about three weeks and I've had a couple since. Why?
Insomnia and resulting tiredness the next day is making life difficult.
I fear I may have taken on too much.
A shift at the charity tonight. I love it but today I'm just not in the mood. I want to lie in a darkened room.

The Ugly:

Well, nothing really. Life is beautiful.

Tell me yours! Do you have any exciting plans for the next few weeks? Any annoyances currently grinding your gears? Have a lovely weekend folks xx


Millennium Housewife said...

the good: Vodka
the bad: Vodka

P said...

The good: This weekend. I am doing NOTHING. It will be awesome. I haven't had a free weekend since the one before the tweet-up and have felt exhausted pretty much ever since then, so looking forward to two long lies!

The bad: This next month will be our busy period in work.

No ugly stuff.

More good resulting from the bad stuff: I'll probably get some overtime in for some extra cash and at the end of the busy period I have just over a week off around Easter. So I have that to look forward to. :)

Congrats again on your promotion, really chuffed for you. :)

Anything Fits a Naked Man said...

The good: snuggling under a warm blanket with my sweet Jack Russell Terrier by my side!

The bad: She's actually been to the vet today for a lump on her face, turns out she's got an infected tooth! Getting it pulled, but not till MONDAY!!

The ugly: The WEATHER outside! I love snow, but it's WINDY today!!

Helen said...

Millennium Housewife - I should have put gin in both my good and bad sections.

P - I long to do nothing. Alas I am busy every weekend until May by the looks of it. GRIM. And, thankyou xx

AFNM - I love Jack Russells! So fiesty! Hope her tooth op goes ok x

miss*H said...

congrats on your promotion!!!