Friday 19 February 2010

Friday, cryday

I've been feeling a little bit weepy this week.

The reasons are varied and numerous but largely stem from the fact that I've not been sleeping much and/or very well. Also see: women's 'issues' (and the accompanying hormonal mania), work stress and, most ridiculously, the realisation that I can't remember what his voice sounds like. Silly, eh?

So, to cheer myself up here's a list of things that are currently making my eyes dance and my mouth grin:
  • CHATROULOLZ. If you've not heard of Chat Roulette yet then where have you been? The concept is genius but I'm too terrified of seeing an old perv touching himself to actually try it myself. Or a young perv for that matter. Penises = just not that pretty. Sorry.
  • This 'Ooh, cake time' mug. I may not be able to have cake at the moment but it doesn't stop me dreaming of that glorious day in the far off future when I can indulge myself and stick my head into a giant chocolate fudge cake. Yes, right into it. Like a trough.
  • Daily Burn. It appeals to my complusive, obsessive nature. I like to be able to track the exercise I do, the amount I weigh and the amount I've lost. Graphs please me.
  • Fennel tea; M&S grapefruits; Slimming World chips (they're really tasty, honestly); making rubber band balls; getting excited about Glastonbury even though there's still four months to go; exciting new writing opportunities; lighter mornings and finishing work before the sun sets; laughing, always; and.......

The fact that I'm going to Barcelona in seven weeks!!!!

Oh yes. My gorgeous friend N and I are heading off for a jaunt in April. The flights are booked and paid for. Things to do: find cheap accommodation, save some money, brace self for 4 days of tapas, booze and pure joy. Hurrah. I cannot wait. Hints, tips and recommendations will be gratefully accepted!

What are your plans for the weekend, my lovelies?