Friday, 19 February 2010

Friday, cryday

I've been feeling a little bit weepy this week.

The reasons are varied and numerous but largely stem from the fact that I've not been sleeping much and/or very well. Also see: women's 'issues' (and the accompanying hormonal mania), work stress and, most ridiculously, the realisation that I can't remember what his voice sounds like. Silly, eh?

So, to cheer myself up here's a list of things that are currently making my eyes dance and my mouth grin:
  • CHATROULOLZ. If you've not heard of Chat Roulette yet then where have you been? The concept is genius but I'm too terrified of seeing an old perv touching himself to actually try it myself. Or a young perv for that matter. Penises = just not that pretty. Sorry.
  • This 'Ooh, cake time' mug. I may not be able to have cake at the moment but it doesn't stop me dreaming of that glorious day in the far off future when I can indulge myself and stick my head into a giant chocolate fudge cake. Yes, right into it. Like a trough.
  • Daily Burn. It appeals to my complusive, obsessive nature. I like to be able to track the exercise I do, the amount I weigh and the amount I've lost. Graphs please me.
  • Fennel tea; M&S grapefruits; Slimming World chips (they're really tasty, honestly); making rubber band balls; getting excited about Glastonbury even though there's still four months to go; exciting new writing opportunities; lighter mornings and finishing work before the sun sets; laughing, always; and.......

The fact that I'm going to Barcelona in seven weeks!!!!

Oh yes. My gorgeous friend N and I are heading off for a jaunt in April. The flights are booked and paid for. Things to do: find cheap accommodation, save some money, brace self for 4 days of tapas, booze and pure joy. Hurrah. I cannot wait. Hints, tips and recommendations will be gratefully accepted!

What are your plans for the weekend, my lovelies?


Jo Waddell said...

I'm off to visit sister in law in sunny Wetherby, taking in Boston Spa beer festival on Sat evening - rock & roll!

miss*H said...

That's a beautiful picture (in a sad sort of way)

chatroulette is funny. I’ve seen more penis's on there than I have in my entire lifetime (of course I go on without my webcam switched on and just scrawl through them...I wouldn’t dream of talking to anyone on there)

jimsyjampots said...

I am joining DailyBurn as we speak. I get all my best weight loss tips from you honey!

I've been feeling weepy too, I can relate. Listing positive things is a fantastic way to deal with it though - better than mine, I just cry.

pinkjellybaby said...

I am currently listening to the Glee soundtrack in an effort to cheer myself up

Helen said...

Jo - Beer festivals are ALWAYS a good thing. Enjoy! x

H - Thankyou! I may have a trawl through them later, webcam off. Obv.

JJ - I do try and remain positive. It's been the main aim of this blog since I started it really. It's not always easy though. x

PJB - Glee = happy. Come to Manchester and drink booooze with me! xx

P said...

Barcelona - jealous! I love it!

I went to this lovely place that served gorgeous spaghetti carbonara with iberian sausage instead of ham - it was delicious. The place was called Navarra and on the street parallel to the Ramblas.

For some reason, we had tons of problems finding pubs when we were there, but on our last day we found a nice Irish pub - well I think it was two pubs in one pretty much, called The Horny Leprechaun/Sir George Payne. That was just off the Placa de Catalunya and although we didn't eat there, they looked like they did some nice (and cheap) bar snacks!

That's all I got, I'm afraid.

As for this weekend, I am going to the wedding fair at the SECC with my engaged friend tomorrow morning and then going over to an old friend of mine's (from uni days) to hang out with her and her kids. And probably get drunk (Us, not the kids.)

And I'm staying in tonight and planning on having a wee tipple too!

Anonymous said...

Hallo, this is wardytron. I just wanted to say that both the zoo and the aquarium in Barcelona are marvellous. Go to both, you'll love them.

Chamuca said...

I've been weepy all week too. =(

Also, chatroulette is hilarious. I made Lobster go on it with me, so weirdos wouldn't try to get me to take off my clothes.

We had one kid who showed us his boobs, so Lobster showed his pierced nipple.

And some douchebags from New Jersey, who were talking shit to us about being from Oregon. Until Lobster told them he was born in Jersey and lived there for years. Then they signed off on us.

And we saw some tiny penises jacking off. Gross.

Brennig said...

Horses, jumping, speed.

I had a look at chatroulette and saw some guy having a wank. I don't need that. I mean, if it was a girl...

Helen said...

P - Tips duly noted, thankyou! Hope you enjoyed plenty of rose this weekend ;) x

Wardytron - Thankyou! I want to go to the zoo, definitely.

Chamuca - Hahaha, I love how Lobster has to protect you from people trying to make you take your clothes off. Hahaha.

Bren - It should basically be called wankroulette.

Brennig said...

Eeew! the thought of that name makes me feel ill.