Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Run, rabbit, run, rabbit, run run run!

I have a difficult relationship with running.

Difficult as in I'm not very good at it. And I don't like doing things that I'm not very good at.

The reason (well two reasons) I'm not very good at it?


I am, ahem, fairly well endowed in the boobular region. Too well endowed for my liking actually and I'm hoping that my continued weight loss will go some way towards reducing the girls to bearable proportions. Anyway, boobs hurt when you run. Mine do anyway (note to self: buy a new sports bra). And I don't generally want to run the risk of two black eyes, so I avoid running like the plague.

So why on earth have I signed up for a 5k Race for Life in June?

The reasons are threefold:

1) My Mum was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003. Six years on and she's cancer free. My Aunty too has had breast cancer. She was diagnosed 16 years ago and thought she'd beaten it for good. She found out a couple of months ago that it's come back.
2) Running will hopefully help me hit my Slimming World target sooner than I would otherwise.
3) I'd just really like to be able to run.

If any of you lovely, lovely people would like to sponsor me then there's a little button over on the right there. Or you can just click here. Obviously I'd really appreciate it and will send good thoughts and love your way for all eternity if you can spare a few quid. It might even motivate me to actually start training for the damn thing!

Big love x

EDIT: It's not until 19th June, so there's plenty of time to scrape some pennies together. G, I'm looking at you.


Amy said...

I will sponsor you - but do you mind if I wait until I get paid first? It's a pain in the bottom being a student, I can rarely afford anything...

As for the boobular problems - I hear you. That is in fact the main reason I wanted to lose weight - when my boobs stopped fitting into my 32J bra, I knew that I had to do SOMETHING before they took over the world....or something.

Helen said...

Aww thankyou! And of course I don't mind! It's not until June anyway!

Haha, I sometimes feel like mine are taking over the world too. It's terrifying.

Aled said...

Good luck!

Getting My Words Out said...

So, I just want to say it's because of people like you and Amy that I didn't get my FAIR SHARE in life!! I don't have the same problem, but I've heard you should invest in a GREAT bra made for running the same way you invest in your running shoes.

Good luck to you.

P said...

Unfortunately when i lose weight the first place it goes from is my chest - which is a bit annoying as I'm not exactly well endowed in the first place. :(

Good luck with the running! x

Anything Fits a Naked Man said...

You can do it!! I believe in you! As a fellow runner, all I can tell you is get a really good sports bra and, well, just do it!!

Good luck! I'll be back later to sponsor you, too!

Chamuca said...

HAHAHA, I wish I could run too, but I know what it means when you say it hurts. I always say I'll get two black eyes too. =)

Getting My Words Out said...

Loved this post so much, I linked it in my post today ("your BOOBS")!!


Helen said...

GMWO - Have some of mine. Seriously. I'm so over them! And thankyou for the link!

P - I'm the opposite. It never goes from my chest. Stomach and face first. I want smaller boobs! :(

AFNM - I'm going to go and buy one on my lunch hour. Training commences this weekend!

Chamuca - I was not built for running. I was built for eating pizza and sitting.