Wednesday, 3 February 2010



I got home from work over three hours ago. My poor little trotters still haven't thawed out. Even sitting 'neath the Slanket of Dreams (tm) for the last hour hasn't helped. Pointy silver shoes may make you feel like a joyous little elf, Helen, but they are not suitable for a snowy day in February. Silly girl.

Also, is it ok to still wear my Henry Holland alphabet tights despite the humungous ladder blighting the same? No? Thought not. £11 well spent there. Marvellous.


pinkjellybaby said...

They are very pretty though!!

P said...

So it snowed down your way too?

I had ballet pumps and bare feet today. It started snowing (heavily) at four. I left work about ten mins later.

My feet did not like it.

I do not like it and I hope this is not going to be an issue for me getting to Manchester this weekend...

Helen said...

PJB - They are and I adore them. My cold feet do not though.

P - We only had about an inch and it's all gone this morninh, thank god!