Monday 2 February 2009


I have but one word for you......


We never get snow here. And I mean never. The two places least likely to get snow in the whole world? Death Valley and my house. Of course snow's never as much fun when you actually have to go to work in it. The roads were treacherous this morning and, to be honest, right now I'd kill to be sitting at home with a hot chocolate, my duvet and a spot o' rubbish daytime television

In other news, I cracked and weighed myself this morning. So much for the only weighing myself once a week thing. but I'm glad I did. The numbers went down. Hurrah, hurrah and thrice hurrah! Obviously the tongue-numbingly hot curry that we had on Friday night kick-started my metabolism and it's now running at a rate faster than 'slug'.

Happy Monday everyone!