Friday, 20 February 2009


The weigh in has been postponed...

This week I have been a bit naughty. Not THAT naughty. But a bit naughty. So I'm going to postpone the moment of horrific truth for a couple of days. That should give me a chance to work it off in the gym or develop an eating disorder, whichever is easier. That'll be the eating disorder then.

I haven't done a post of things that I'm thankful for in ages. So here we go....

  • Days off work spent in bed drinking wine, watching comedy that I know the words off by heart to, laughing, eating cheese and biscuits and being so comfortable my body practically became one with the sheets. Ah, marvellous.
  • The fact it's payday next week. Always a joy, never a chore. This month however I intend to actually budget (yawn). A necessary evil when you're as skint as me.
  • The song above. Love Pnau. Love the crazy cartoon strawberry. Reminds me of a messy night out last year. Muchos fun.
  • Getting excited about Glastonbury Festival even though it is months and months away. I love religiously checking the line-up rumours. I do it every year and get myself so worked up I need to have a lie down. Lily Allen! Bon Iver! Bruce Springsteen! Fatboy Slim! Pies! Nachos! Cider! Country! And relax....
  • Marks and Spencer's chocolate belgian biscuits. Oh mama, those things are beautiful. One of my work colleagues keeps bringing them in. I curse her and love her in equal measure. Although, to be fair, I only ever have a couple on Friday. Willpower = me.
  • The birthday song that Gary Barlow did for Chris Moyles. Actually brought a wee tear to my eye this morning. I was tired though. And hungry. I can't be held responsible for my emotions when I'm hungry.

This evening I'm off to my friend's house to indulge in shepherd's pie, red wine and a lot of Gossip Girl.

Oh Chuck Bass, thou shalt be mine...

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