Saturday 14 February 2009

Food of love...

Weight loss this week: 1 lbs
Total weight loss: 10 lbs
Number of gym visits: 4 (back on track baby, back on track)
Number of meals out: 0
Units of alcohol: Many
Number of Valentines cards: Zilch

One more pound of fat banished!

I am back on the alcohol wagon but, to be honest, I was expecting to lose a mammoth amount of weight by not drinking booze and I didn't. So I figure a bit o' booze is ok every now and again. Besides, after the week I've had I think I was fully deserving of that two thirds of a bottle of shiraz that I guzzled last night. And I slept like a baby. So the lesson for today kids?

Booze = good.

One good thing has come out of this week though.... I absolutely adore the gym. Yes, tis true. Throw things if you like. But I'm really really enjoying it. It gives me time to think. It helps me get rid of frustration. And that's the second lesson for the day...

Gym = good.

Therefore, gym + booze = double good. I vote for gyms with cocktail bars. Margarita dispensers instead of water fountains. Strawberry daiquiris instead of strawberry smoothies. Who's with me?

Have a fabulous Valentine's Day, everyone....

I heart you. Please let me in.