Monday 9 February 2009


5 things I can't stand that most people seem to love:
  • Rugby. I just don't get it. The shorts are too short. The men are too large. There are too many bald heads, cauliflower ears and broken noses.
  • Mushrooms. Ugh. Just ugh. Grey, slimy, the texture of a decayed slug.
  • The Beatles. I am fully prepared to get shot down for this one. But I don't care. Their music is dull. Paul McCartney makes me feel a bit ill. Don't even get me started on Ringo.
  • Little Britain. Again, I just don't get it. Jokes about a 40 year old breastfeeding turn my stomach.
  • Chardonnay. Unless it's unoaked. God I'm a ponce.

5 things on my desk at work:

  • My plant Rupert in his shiny pink pot.
  • Vitamin C effervescent tablets. 1000mg of vitamin c in each one dontchaknow. Initially I was mildly frightened I may die from vitamin c overdose but they've won me over.
  • A 2009 pocket legal costs guide. Welcome to my world. It is dull and full of numbers. One of my least favourite things.
  • 3 neon colours of post-it note. I am anal and like to colour code things.
  • Phone. I've made approximately 1 phone call since I've worked here. And received 2. Still, it makes me feel important.

5 things I did at the weekend:

  • Fell off the wagon. I had a long island iced tea on Friday night. Followed swiftly by a bottle of shiraz on Saturday night. Oops. Still, 13 days without booze was a pretty good stint I reckon.
  • Ate the best blackberry and apple crumble in the world. With custard. I could quite literally have eaten it using nothing but my hands, my tongue and my gnashing jaws. But social decency got in the way and I used a spoon.
  • Discovered that playing scrabble on facebook is ludicrously addictive. I managed to slip 'vagina' and 'fag' in (absolutely no pun intended) to a game last night. Swiftly followed by 'anal' in the subsequent game. Thankfully my opponent was my friend Andy, who is himself a 'fag' and probably enjoys 'anal'. He managed to get 'titi' onto the board and then added an 'f' to my word to create 'fanal'. A Titi is apparantely a small shrub. Whilst a Fanal is a lighthouse. Who knew. Scrabble: broadening the knowledge of childish players the world over.
  • Got my first decent night's sleep in over a week. The lingering cold of doom has finally receded and my nasal passages are clear. Hurrah. Double hurrah.
  • Went to the gym and ran!! This may not sound like much but I don't do running. I have these things called breasts. I live in fear that I will end up with two black eyes if I run. But I did it anyway. And you know what, it wasn't so bad.

Today I am mostly making lists. That is all.