Thursday, 11 February 2010


This week is great. Super great in fact.

The reasons are varied and numerous but include the following:

  • I got Slimmer of the Week at my group meeting on Tuesday. WOOP. I've lost 10.5 pounds in three weeks and am feeling ridiculsouly smug about it. The whole story, including the back history to my whole 'issues with food' mania is over on my slimming blog (if you want the address, let me know).
  • I've been coveting a French Connection cardigan for MONTHS. Last time I checked the website I couldn't find it so assumed they'd stopped selling it. Then, as I was trawling my bookmarks today, I found that I'd saved the direct link to it. Click. Reduced from £65 to £26. SCORE!
  •  I had the most incredible salad for my lunch. Now, me and salad have always had a tricky relationship. I wanted to like it. I wanted to love it. Really I did. But I could never get beyond mild disdain. It wasn't filling, it was too green, it didn't have any joyous fat in it. Salad, I take back everything I ever said about you. The slander, the vitriol, the hatred. I now love you. If anything, I think this shows how much I've actually changed the way I think about food in just three weeks. I always choose the healthier option now and where as before I was constantly thinking about when I could next have a McMuffin or some crisps, now I don't even consider them as viable choices.
  • I saw Precious last night and loved it. As much as you can "love" a film that contains rape, incest, obesity, illiteracy and pigs feet being eaten. It was funny, heartwrenching, shocking, at times uncomfortable viewing and I loved the style of cinematography. There were also some incredible shots of Harlem. I love Harlem. Big style.
  • The sun is shining. Spring is wending her merry way towards us. Faster than a speeding crocus.

Apologies for the bullet points, by the way. My mind is just ridiculously busy at the moment and I'm unable to actually write a well constructed paragraph. Bad blogger.


Brennig said...

I like lists like that. But Precious? I'll pass on it.

P said...

10.5 pounds in 3 weeks. That's nearly a stone. That's so impressive! I would be really interesting in reading your slimming blog if you cared to supply me with the address.

But I don't see myself liking salad anytime soon, unfortunately. I love veg like brocolli, cauliflower, even brussel sprouts. But I LOATHE lettuce and cucumber, and hate tomatoes IN things (although I like them on their own).

Anything Fits a Naked Man said...

Congrats on your weight loss! You inspire me!

Helen said...

Bren - It's really good but not everyone's cup of tea.

P - I love cucumber. Lettuce I'm learning to love. Only iceberg or cos though. I'm a freak and can't bear stalks so red chard and rocket make me heave.

AFNM - Thankyou so much, that's a lovey thing to say!

miss*H said...

wow, 10.5 pounds is brilliant. Go you!!!

Being a veggie I should love salads but I find them boring..pray spread the salad love and share your recipe!!

jimsyjampots said...

Go you, that's fantastic!

I've started to fall in love with salad too. I've started to really like things like pepper that I never liked before, and so it's making it much easier to get a decent meal :-)

I'd love to read your slimming Blog if you'd send me the address... My e-mail is

Helen said...

Hannah - Alas there is no fancy recipe. M&S classic salad (with chive dressing), lots of chicken and plenty of hot sauce.

JJ - I've emailed you the link, hope you got it ok!