Thursday 27 August 2009

Sweet charity

Sir Digsby and Ginger implore you

This is where I put my begging hat out...

As lots of you have probably heard I'm going to be spending my time on the Fourth Plinth trying to raise awareness of just how rife prostate cancer is amongst men. With men living longer than ever before, the discovery of the disease is becoming more and more common. My Dad was diagnosed just over two months ago and is now undergoing both chemotherapy and hormone therapy. His Consultant believes that his tumour has been growing for ten or eleven years, a thought that I find terrifying. Prostate cancer is often slow growing and can be symptomless but, in many cases, as in my Dad's, the cancer can spread.

To put it simply, I adore my Dad. He's an incredible man and I just want to feel like I'm doing my bit. Research into prostate cancer is woefully underfunded and, quite frankly, every little helps.

So, I've set up a fundraising page ( and me, my Dad and the charity would all be incredibly grateful for anything that anyone can spare. Big, small, enough to buy a small house in the Midlands, enough to buy a lemon muffin from Greggs... all donations more than gratefully received.

"Prostate cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in men in the UK. Every year in the UK 35,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer. One man dies every hour of prostate cancer in the UK."

Thankyou xx

PS: To those of you who've already donated, you're wonderful. Each and every one of you.