Monday 3 August 2009

Pastry days

Pasties - making diets cry

I've been in my current lovely job for about 8 months now. It's frightening how time flies. However, this means that I've had 8 months experience of the culinary delights that Warrington has to offer. And by culinary delights I clearly mean bakery products. Because Warrington is filled with only two types of establishments: bakeries and recruitment agencies. Seriously.

Top 5 pasties (pastry wonderment, not burlesque nipple coverage, just to clarify):

1) Greggs meat & potato. Hands down winner of the pasty award. Pros: moist crumbly pastry, a tasty meat filling, few chunks. Cons: pastry so crumbly that my hair ends up covered in it. It's a good look.

2) Waterfields sausage & beans. A controversial pasty this one. Like beans and sausage on toast. But encased in pastry. Without the toast. It really is a delight.

3) Sayers meat & potato. Slightly dry when compared with the Greggs offering. Still a flavourful treat though.

4) Greggs cheese & onion. As above, but with cheese and onion. Not too much onion so your work mates won't suffer from an onion backlash later in the afternoon. Win.

5) It's not a pasty but how could I not mention the Waterfields jumbo sausage roll. It's a delight. Although give it a couple of minutes to cool down as the heat that radiates from it's pastry joy could take your face off.