Wednesday, 19 August 2009

I'll tell you no lies...

The Delurks command you. Yes, I know it's a terrible joke.

Delurk! Delurk!

Seeing as a lot of other people seem to be doing this and because I don't have time to think up post ideas at the moment (Hello cancer, you've made me your bitch) I invite you, dear readers, regular commenters, lurkers (particularly you, lurkers, I'm intrigued by you) et al to ask me anything.

Crude, rude, lewd.

Mad, sad, glad.

Happy, crappy, snappy.

I'll answer anything (provided it's not 'what's your credit card pin number?' or anything that asks me to divulge information that could be used for misdeeds) so get your thinking caps on. I like answering questions. It allows me to pretend I'm being interviewed by Jeremy Paxman. I love Jeremy Paxman.

You can even do it anonymously if you wish.



LizSara said...

who do you have a secret crush on who is famous and ugly?

if you had but one wish, that you had to use on yourself what would it be and why?

Anonymous said...

Do you use drugs?

Zee_K said...

Whats the worst thing you ever did when you were drunk?