Wednesday 20 May 2009


Thanks again to Smidge for the idea for this post (I don't have an original idea in my head at the moment). Like her, I'm trying to find the positive in things at the moment and so this was perfect for me to do. No pun intended.


The perfect outfit: My dress sense has been known to be, erm, slightly eclectic at times. I'm a big fan of chunky, bright plastic jewellery. My favourite skirt is a pink tutu-type affair that wiggles when I walk and has loads of layers. I own a pair of amazing Christian Louboutins. Just one problem, they're half a size too big for me. Still, I strut around the house in them and dream of dinner dates and red carpets. Am also a big fan of the low cut top. Well, if you've got it, flaunt it. Put all that together and you've got some semblence of an outfit that I might like wearing.

The perfect meal: The meal I had at Spice Market in New York. It was beyond incredible. If we're talking every day type food though, I'd have to go for a roast dinner. Lamb, roast potatoes, gravy, mashed potato, broccoli, etc etc.

The perfect hangover cure: More wine. Or, failing that, a gallon of water, a bacon sandwich and a walk in Sefton Park.

The perfect road trip: To the seaside or the Lake District. Anywhere with fresh air, ice cream and beautiful scenery. And fish and chips if we're talking seaside.

The perfect facial feature: I'm with Smidge here.... eyelashes! Nothing sexier than a man with lovely long eyelashes. I also like a big nose. Not scary big, just... prominent.

The perfect drink: Gin and tonic made with Bombay Sapphire or Tanqueray gin, full fat tonic water and plenty of lime. I like a limed rim too (no sniggering).

The perfect song: 'When You Were Young' by the Killers. So many memories. Also, like Smidge (are you my twin?), 'You Got The Love' by Candi Staton.

The perfect sign of affection: Being kissed on the forehead or nose.

The perfect afternoon: A big long walk in the country followed by a lovely pub meal and lashings of decent wine.

The perfect vacation: The one I've just had in New York was pretty perfect. I'm not usually one for lying on a beach but, having said that, Greece last year was incredible. To be honest, as long as I'm on holiday, anywhere's going to be pretty perfect!

The perfect invention: A toaster that doesn't have a 'burn' setting.

The perfect type of wedding: I know someone won't believe me when I say this but I can honestly say that I've never thought about it. I don't have the dress planned. I don't know where I want it to be held. I think the perfect type of wedding is one where two people really love each other and, if that's the case, it shouldn't matter where it is.

The perfect album: Moon Safari - Air.

The perfect accent: Northern! Specifically Lancashire or Yorkshire.

The perfect date: Drinks followed by good food followed by more drinks. With a lot of laughter, a bit of flirting and that excited feeling you get in the pit of your stomach.

The perfect weather: Rain on the window whilst I'm tucked up indoors. Or a beautiful British Summer's day with not a cloud in the sky. I refuse to choose.

The perfect party: One with all my closest friends, cocktails and the Eurovision Song Contest. Much like the one I went to on Saturday in fact.

The perfect sport: Football. I support Manchester United. Get over it. I'm also a sucker for the Olympics and have been known to stay up until all hours watching the gymnastics.

The perfect thing to say: Let's go on an adventure. Or, 'Shall we go to Nandos?'. Ha.

The perfect day of the week: Saturday. Or Sunday. Or Saturday. Basically any day on which I can do what I please and not have to go to work.

Ah, perfect....