Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Dancing is my remedy

The inside of my head

I'm currently in the midst of five glorious days off work. Yes, I'm greedy. A three day weekend you say?

Pah, I'm having five.

Saturday and Sunday were full of wonderful debauchery so I still feel like I'm recovering. As such, I have no words. So, instead, I leave you with my two favourite visual treats of the moment...

Cassetteboy v The Apprentice

Little Boots - Remedy

"And when the music fades away, I know I'll be ok..."


Brennig said...

Curses, you've pulled the post I was going to comment on. And a brilliant comment it was too. Wise, witty, amusing, emotional, tender, compassionate yet strong and sincere.

But now you shall never know what it was.

So instead I offer you...

That Cassetteboy v The Apprentice? Good, innit.

Helen said...

Aww sorry Bren! It was written in a moment of anger and didn't feel right leaving it up. Feel free to say what you had to say anyway tho...