Sunday 12 August 2012


You know that you've finally become an adult when:

You'll happily spend £30 on a candle for the living room but question spending £30 on a night out.

Your satnav takes you on the scenic route to Nottingham and it ends up taking an hour longer than you're used to but you don't even mind because the scenery in the Derbyshire Dales is just so beautiful that it takes your breath away.

You finally accept that you really should have your bra size checked, even though the results will probably mean that the pretty lingerie in high street shops will be out of bounds forever. Damn you, boobs.

A night in with a really good bottle of wine, your boyfriend and a plate of cheese and biscuits is the most heavenly prospect on this earth.

You suddenly have a job that terrifies you, exhausts you and makes you want to run away and work in a cake shop. But then you accept that, really, most people feel like that, most of the time.

You spend your Sunday mornings being woken up by the children of your friends and you don't even mind. Well, not too much.

You realise that the things on your birthday list include a joint membership to the National Trust, a Kenwood Kitchenaid and a new dining room rug.

Thankfully, there will always be ridiculous clothes to make you feel like a child again...

And by "you", I clearly mean "me."

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