Sunday 12 August 2012


Dudes, let's talk tiredness. 

I have spent the majority of this year absolutely k-n-a-c-k-e-r-e-d. A stressful job (I work with numbers and it exhausts my brain) coupled with lack of exercise and a less-than-perfect diet has resulted in me becoming an absolute shell of a human. I go to bed early (most of the time) and I do sleep well but I rarely wake up feeling refreshed or ready to face the day. While I think the weather has had a part to play (who wants to leap out of bed when it's raining?), that's not all of it.

All of the above led me to develop a SERIOUS Starbucks venti-Americano-no-room-for-milk habit. But all that black coffee played havoc with my skin and I started to look as tired as I felt.

So when I was contacted and offered some Energex tablets from Healthspan, I jumped at the chance. These are billed as a natural "pick me up" and each tablet contains guarana, Panaz ginseng, amino acids and plenty of lovely B vitamins.

Do they work? YES! I tend to take one each day, with my breakfast, and can honestly say that they do make a massive difference. I feel far more alert and attentive at work these days and I can usually feel the effects right through until evening. Whereas before I'd get in from work and slump onto the sofa with a bowl of pasta and Coronation Street, I know actually have the energy to do STUFF. Magical.

While I'm not sure I'll keep taking them long term, as I do intend to get back on the exercise bandwagon and I'm hoping that'll help, I do think they're great for giving me a little burst of energy when I'm feeling less than sprightly. They don't even give me those crazy heart palpitations that the likes of ProPlus do, which is nice.