Monday 13 August 2012

Irish Adventures

I do sometimes think that this blog makes it look as though The Soldier and I are constantly off gallivanting but, I promise you, that really isn't the case. But, recently, I was incredibly lucky to be whisked off to Northern Ireland for a few days by my lovely Belfast boy. We started and finished in Belfast, and took in Giant's Causeway and Londonderry along the way.

We stayed at the Fitzwilliam Hotel in Belfast and it was AMAZING. Anywhere that gives you a candle and matches next to the bath is fine by me, given that I spend at least 40% of my time in the bath when staying in a nice hotel. Preferably with wine.

It was such a lovely few days and, as you can tell from the photos, we were rather lucky with the weather! There are, of course, seven bazillion more photos from this trip, including about 400 of Giant's Causeway, but I thought I'd keep it to a minimum, as I'm sure not everyone likes cliffs, rocks and sea quite as much as me.

As ever, here's the Instagram version of the holiday:

1) Our Olympics opening ceremony feast; 2) Amazing light fitting in a cafe in Portrush; 
3) The view from our room at the Causeway Hotel; 4) Calamari at Avoca in Belfast; 
5) Converse; 6) Graffiti in Belfast; 7) Hiya, England!; 8) Black Milk leggings in the Crown Liquor Saloon
9) The most INCREDIBLE burger ever at the Barking Dog; 10) Ice cold Sauvignon Blanc at the Fitzwilliam;
11) Cocktails at the amazing Custom House in Derry; 12) My planes had PROPELLERS :'(