Thursday 30 August 2012


So, I got flu then.

After three ridiculously stressful weeks at work I got home last Friday, ready for a lovely relaxing weekend, and promptly got ill. It also happened to coincide with seeing The Soldier for the first time in a month. So that was, er... a bit bloody annoying really. We still managed to have a lovely time, as ever, including a trip to Almost Famous. Which was epic, really. Last time I went I declared that it was "nowhere near as good as MEATliquor" but now it kind of is. So that's nice. What was less nice was the trip to the IMAX afterwards to see The Dark Knight Rises. My flu decided to take a firm grip on me and I slept through 75% of it. Fumin' babes.

I've been dogsitting for my parents for the last couple of weeks so my Instagram has been awash with photos of the little hounds. It's been possibly the quietest couple of weeks ever but it's been lovely, illness aside.

1) Homemade brisket, sweet potato fries and coleslaw; 2) Almoust Famous joy; 3) New favourites; 4) Pyjamas and cider; 
5) All I wanted were liquorice allsorts and tissues; 6) Poorly sick with my hound; 7) & 8) MEGA cheese; 
9) My Mum was such a little hottie; 10) Incredible sunset; 11) & 12) Millie and Daisy

I know Instagram posts are seen by some as a bit of a cop out but I'm not quite back to full health yet. Plus, I really bloody love Instagram. So there you go.