Wednesday 5 May 2010

Bank Holiday joy

So, the Bank Holiday weekend then. How fast did that go?!

Things I did:

- Wore 5" heels and didn't fall over once. I did hobble though
- Met Scott Mills
- Ate Nandos. Oooohhhh Nandos, how I love you and your spicy goodness
- Celebrated the birthday of one of my BFFs by drinking homemade sambuca (just don't), shouting 'CRAB CRAB CRAB' to try and get people to do the crab, playing on an adventure playground (zip wires and slides whilst drunk, just do it) and eating limoncello ice cream cake (thanks to my super talented friend E)
- Went to the gym and ran for ten minutes straight. That may not sound like much but for someone as untalented at running as me I can assure you it's a big deal

Things I've done since:

- Got my two stone award at Slimming World. I've lost 30 pounds in total. Pretty pleased with that considering Barcelona, London and numerous gin and tonics.
- Saw Foals last night, supported by the rather wonderful Jonquil.

So, that's me. What about you?