Monday, 24 May 2010

Splashing around

This weekend....

Sun! Sun! SUN!! // Splashing in my paddling pool... best £2.95 I've ever spent // Red toenails // Barbecues x2 - chicken, marinated pork steaks, homemade burgers, peppers, cucumber, feta cheese <3 // Sunbathing // Sunburn // Sunstroke // Garden appreciating // Photograph taking // Homemade lime iced tea // Ice cold water // Barbecued pineapple with lime juice squeezed over it (try it... NOW!) // Doing absolutely nothing that I needed to do and revelling in it // A tiny pang of longing for the Summer of 2008 // Lots and lots and lots of sleep...

I don't want to be in work right now.

How was your weekend, my loves?


jon said...

Bike rides, BBQ, and beer!! The three B's
here. Pineapple BBQ'd with lime ......that
sounds fantastic!
I'm doing it next weekend.

P said...

You have a paddling pool??? Oh, that takes me back. Just wish I had a back garden to put one in.

My weekend was lovely - lots of relaxation, sunbathing, wine and topped off with Alicia Keys in concert last night. Nice.

smidge said...

I just read Paula's post as reading topless sunbathing. Oops

Mine was cider in the park and a party at a pals. Lovely fun.

Rapunzel said...

Sounds great!

I'm falling in love with Manchester even more in this gorgeous weather. I wish it would stay!

I've posted about what happened with Luscious Luke by the way!!

Rapunzel x

Helen said...

Jon - You won't regret it, I promise!

P - I went to Tesco and bought one! £2.95! Ooh I love Alicia's latest album, never actually been a fan before that. Glad you had fun xx

Smidge - That's because you're a perv :p

Rapunzel - Manchester is the sun is hard to beat! x

Helen said...

Oh I'd love a paddling pool! I remember the one we used to have, I loved it as a kid. I had a nice weekend despite working on Saturday, I made up for it on Sunday though by lazing in the sun all day!

TheBCH said...

love your pics, wish I could take good ones like that, recently I've lost my photo mojo..anyway this weekend I have mostly been bringing a bit of corfu to my horrid garden in manchester lol. I can't go on holiday but I thought I could a bring a bit of holiday to me, so I white washed some walls, browned off my wood fences and added some green plants, I also cleaned up my decking. Hello Corfu!...but this morning alas goodbye sun :(

K.M. said...

sounds like the perfect weekend! thanks for helping in my harem humdrum!