Sunday, 9 May 2010

I'm so dizzy...

... my head is spinning.

Spinning like a really spinny thing, if I'm honest. Like a waltzer with a terrifying carny perched atop it, making it go faster, ever faster.

I'm starting to get restless feelings again. Once again I'm torn between putting down some roots or jetting off for a year of travelling. One minute I'm looking at houses and flats, mentally decorating them and planning the housewarming. The next I'm on the Trailfinders website, planning a trip around the world and getting prematurely excited about the places I'd see and the people I'd meet.

I. Don't. Know. What. To. Do.

Will I regret it if I don't go? Will I regret it if I do?

I'm 28. I'm single. I have no real commitments keeping me here (bar my job, which I'm hopeful I could return to afterwards). Is this my last chance to see the world and all its wonders?

I am useless at making decisions, this is the only thing of which I am wholly certain.


pinkjellybaby said...

Think of it this way..if you buy a house and in a year decide that you do want to go travelling, then you just rent it out!

Brennig said...

I'd go now. The economy is in the toilet and now isn't a good time to take on property commitments. The economy will still be in the toilet in 12 months.

Chamuca said...

I say go now. You have plenty of time to set down roots. Plus, who wants to travel the world when they're old and grey?

miss*H said...

Go now!!!! If you don’t go you'll regret it and going travelling brings a whole new mindset when you come may find you don’t want to put down roots once you get back.

Kate @ Earth vs. The Wild Heart said...

If it were me in your position (i.e. nothing holding you back) I would stop pondering & just go for it. I have never had a round-the-world experience but I truly believe that you will never regret it, not even for a second. You can be on the road & find a whole new meaning to life or a whole new you. Everybody I know who has been-there-done-that say it's an untradeable experience. Do it! :]

Helen said...

Oh you're all in favour of travelling! I thought as much. Hmm, I've got some serious thinking to do.

PJB - That's what I was thinking. But if I buy a house I'm unlikely to ever be able to save the money to go :/

Bren - True, very true. Although I've found a lovely little house that is ridiculously cheap. It's the only thing clouding my judgement at the moment.

Chamuca - Exactly. I feel like it's now or never!

Miss H - Your Thailand photos make me want to go. Although I'm a little scared of Thailand on my own... :/

Kate - You make some excellent points Miss Kate. I know a few people who've been too and they all had an incredible time. Argh!

P said...

If you want to do it, and your job will be safe you should do it. Why not discuss it with your bosses and see what they have to say? Since you haven't bought a house yet, maybe leave off on that until you come back? Who's to say you won't find another country you would rather stay in permanently?

em said...

I say go for it. 2 of my housemates are in the middle of planning a trip to leave in August and I am so jealous!
I'm still thinking there must be something out there, if i could - i would go!

Helen said...

P - I think I'm going to discuss it with my boss next week. If I can pluck up the courage! x

Em - I feel like I need to go. If I don't I think I might regret it. And there's nothing worse than regret! xx

Zee_k said...

Go for it! Otherwise you will probs regret it when you are old and cant do it anymore.

wanderingmenace said...

Definitely definitely go for it!!!!
At 28, with no attachments and a desire to go-get it in and never, ever, worry about regretting let the opportunity pass when you get older.
Think of all the great stories you'll get to blog about later.
I'm new here by the way, but stumbled onto your blog and you pretty much had me at the description of the soft-centered home-baked cookies.

Helen said...

Wanderingmenace - Hello! Nice to meet you! The more I think about it the more I think I have to go... Eek! x

Green Of Eye, Sharp Of Claw said...

A newcomer to your site via The Kingdom-loving what i've read so far:)

Pack your bags and go for it! I was putting some serious thought into putting down roots a year and a half i live in Canada and although it hasn't always been easy,i'm so glad i've travelled!

Helen said...

Green of Eye - Thankyou for the compliment! And the advice! It's nice to hear so many people's opinions and experiences!

miss*H said...

gaaa I didn't see your reply so only 2 weeks late in replying back!!

Thailand is the easiest place to be a lone make friends so easily and hook up with other travellers. My friend went on her own and another friend went with another friend, they had an argument so she carried on the rest of her trip with a bunch of backpackers she’d met at a bar. It's so easy to make friend there and everyone looks out for each other. The backpacking community is massive so you’ll never be lonely

I'd give my righjt arm to eb able to go travelling again but sadly I made the choice to get a mortgage, have cats and dogs so it's a no go for a while. Do it now before you have the strains of life :)