Friday, 21 May 2010


Dear Dad,

It's been a while since I mentioned you (and the dreaded c-word) on my blog. I guess I've tried not to think about it too much. If I didn't think about it then it wasn't really happening.

You went through chemotherapy at the end of last year. Let's face it, that was a horrific time. You changed into someone I didn't recognise. Gone was my big, strong, dependable Dad. You were frail and weak and you looked different. The steroids bloated you, you lost your hair, your fingernails fell out. You hobbled when you walked because the nerve endings in your feet were damaged. It upset me to look at you, to see how in pain you were.

Radiotherapy wasn't exactly a walk in the park either. Seven weeks of daily hospital visits. I missed the brunt of it because I was at work but Mum went with you every day. She drove the 70 mile round trip most days because your feet were worse than ever. You were tired. So unbelieveably tired. My Dad, who was always up with the birds every morning, started sleeping in. For the first time ever. As I left the house each morning it was strange looking at the empty window where before you'd always been, waving me off to work.

Then the treatment ended. As suddenly as it had begun. And, gradually, life became a little bit more normal every day. But there was a wait of a few weeks before you saw your Consultant. Those few weeks were strange. Limbo. Waiting. Anticlimactic.

You saw her yesterday and she's pleased with how well you've coped. She doesn't need to see you for six months in fact. Your PSA level is down to 0.1, from 29. You're basically as well as you can be.

I'm happier than you could ever know, Dad.


Helen xx


Lisa Lynch said...


I don't know him, but I love your Dad too.
And you.


Aled said...

That's great news. I'm so pleased for you and your family!

(And I'm fairly sure your Dad deserved the lie-ins!) B-)

Jenn said...

Woohoooooooo for Daddy F !!! ♥
Really chuffed for you all sweetie!

Princesssa said...

Ah that's great news x x x

Kate @ Earth vs. The Wild Heart said...


This made me brim over with tears when I started reading it because I didn't know how it was going to turn out. How warm my heart felt at the end when I heard that the post finished so happily. I'm glad that he's well, as well as he can be.

Tuppence said...

That's wonderful news!


Jo Waddell said...

That's such good news Helen, brought a tear to my eye. Modern medicine is amazing,isn't it? My mum is also in remission again after her fourth time with the c word. Yay for your dad :-)

Amy said...

My bampy lost his battle with the c word, and not a day goes by that I don't miss him. I'm so happy for you, Helen, and so happy for Daddy Helen too.

(And let him have a few lie-ins - it sounds like he worked hard for them)


Juliana said...

i'm happy too. i like your dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Green Of Eye, Sharp Of Claw said...

It's a frightening illness and i'm so pleased that your dad is doing better :)

Blue soup said...

Congratulations to you and your family. All the best to your Dad.

TheBCH said...
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TheBCH said...

sorry i typo'd alot because i was crying like a baby.

no edit so delete n start over haha!

aww hun im so happy that things are going ok for you and your family and your dads doing ok.

I totally get where your coming from, my nan had to take so much stuff and she bloated and didnt look anything like her, it was a very strange time.

we lost her to lung cancer last august, that eventually found a route to her brain and she started to forget who we were. She lived 6 months past they said she would but sometimes all the fighting in the world doesn't work.

He's made of strong stuff your old man obviously.

Keep smiling :)

P said...

Oh Helen, I'm so happy for you. Hugs for you and your family! (You might even get a REAL Hug when I see you next w/end!) xxx

Helen said...

Thankyou everyone! Your comments made me do a little cry xx

Rapunzel said...

Aww Helen, so sorry to hear about this but lovely to hear that your dad is doing well now.

Rapunzel x