Tuesday 30 June 2009

Step back in time

4 weeks ago... I was the happiest I've ever been. I felt like I had the world in my hands. Finally things had slotted into place. Finally everything seemed clear and secure and certain.

3 weeks ago... I knew something was wrong. But I was sure it was fixable and I still felt happy. The future felt bright.

2 weeks ago... Things crashed down, without reason or explanation.

1 week ago... I was so excited about Glastonbury I couldn't help but be happy, despite everything. It was a chance to forget, or so I thought.

This week...?

This week I can't find much to look forward to. This week the tears fall and I wonder and think and try to understand.

But I can't.

Because it doesn't have to be this way. Not this time. We worked so hard. We came so far. It doesn't have to be this way.