Tuesday, 23 June 2009


So, another 365 days has passed by...

It's time once more for the odyssey that is Glastonbury Festival.

The weather forecast has, predictably, fluctuated wildly over the past week or so. At one point it actually seemed like our prayers had been answered and we were going to, shock horror, get a sunny and warm festival. Now however, it seems fairly certain that we're going to get at least some rain (or torrential downpours, depending on which forecast you listen to) and, with the rain, comes the mud.

Ah, the mud. The mud that, two years ago, nearly made me leave the festival early. Note the nearly. I didn't. I couldn't. But the mud sure does make things difficult. Endless slogging between stages, concentrating so hard on not falling over that you almost forget to have a good time. Those fools who think everyone wants to mud wrestle with them. Well I don't and I will chin anyone who tries to make me. So there. I'd like to remain as dry and clean as is possible whilst spending five days in what can only be described as a 1200 acre latrine.

But I think I've made my point. Mud = bad. So pray for me, won't you?

See you on the other side... xx


Ellie said...

Ooh, this has completely inspired me to write my own Glasto-based bloggles.

Brennig said...

Nah, Glasto is so 1990s, and has outgrown itself to the point where it is now impossible to see acts worth seeing without compromising.

Small festivals are where it's at.

Come with us to Cornbury.

last year's girl said...

Have a fantastic weekend in your spiritual home! x

smidge said...

Have fun hon, im all about the wee festival too, but then im old...

and boring