Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Success breeds.... resentment?

A not so miniature gherkin

I'm in a pickle...

A big pickle. Well, a medium sized pickle really. A miniature gherkin, if you will.

A word of warning: This post is going to sound like I'm blowing my own trumpet, but it is really not my intention. I mean, who can blow their own trumpet? Noone would ever leave the house. Ok, ok...

My problem is with my job. I really, really enjoy my job (most days, at least). I really, really like the people I work with. I really, really like my boss. All good, right? Well, back in December, four of us started at work at the same time, doing the same job. When we started we were told that we'd be due a monthly bonus after six months, possibly three. Problem is, I'm the only one that's been given the monthly bonus after three months. Now, on the one hand I'm ridiculously happy and, if I'm honest, really quite proud of myself. My boss gave me the news last week and was very complimentary about me and the way I work. But, on the other hand, I feel terrible for the three others that I started with. They constantly talk about how they're going to have a meeting with the boss and discuss why 'we're' not getting the bonus yet. But I am.

I don't know whether to keep quiet about it or tell them. I think my problem is that I just want to get along with everybody. I don't want them to start treating me any differently or resent me for being the 'teacher's pet' or whatever. If I tell them , I look like I'm bragging. If I don't tell them, they're going to keep trying to make me have a meeting with them and the boss.

Ugh. I know being given a bonus is an enviable problem but I just want to fit in! I feel like I'm back at school and, if I do well on the next Geography test, people are going to call me a swot and I'll get a chalk penis drawn on the back of my blazer (5 points if you get the reference).

In other news, I'm going to New York in less than three weeks! More on that later though as every time I even mention it I get just a little bit too excited and have to have a word with myself.


smidge said...

This has happened to me. Personally i didnt talk about it. I think a good rule in life is to never talk about money to your collegues. They might get the bonus in 6 months and all will be forgotten.

If you feel you have to talk to them about it, id have a word in the boss's ear about it first, you may be jumping the gun as i have said above...

(does that make sense?)

Congrats anyways! Its brilliant for you Kx

Helen said...

I should have said, my boss says she's going to tell them about it this week. But I don't know if it'd be better coming from me. Like, will they think I've been keeping it from them?

Sod it. I'll just keep my mouth shut and what will be will be :) x

archivedmusicpress said...

Yeah what Smidge says. Don't talk about it. But err...won't work colleagues find this post?

Of course there's the more paranoid version where boss is actually paying you a smaller bonus than the others and playing you off against each other. Unless you're all in the room and all hear the same thing you never quite know what sort of double dealing's going on.

Helen said...

Work colleagues don't know I write this blog. In fact, most of my 'real life' friends don't know. Only a select few. Not that I've got anything to hide.