Saturday 21 March 2009

Happy Up Here

There is, quite literally, nothing in the world better than this picture.

Ah, Saturday!

I adore Saturdays. So far today I've been to the gym and beasted myself to the point where I looked like a red sweating hippo (yum), eaten smoked salmon and scrambled eggs for brunch and had a tremendous bath. I also ate bread fresh from the village bakery. Sometimes I feel like I'm in The Famous Five. "Oh no, we've run out of ginger beer", ejaculated Dick.

This week has been both the longest and slowest week of my life. Bad points include the fact that work is incredibly busy, I've been sleeping terribly and I haven't lost a single pound despite 4 visits to the gym, salads for lunch and general healthy eating. Marvellous points include the fact I smashed my target at work this week and am now on course for a lovely bonus in next month's pay packet, the fact NYC is so close I can almost taste it (how would it taste? Burgers? Pizza? Cynicism?) and the fact that Spring has finally sprung.

I love Spring with every inch of my contemptuous, sarcastic, bitter old heart. It's just so full of hope and promise. Little lambs bounding in the fields. Daffodils (my favourite flower, fact fans) peeping out of unexpected corners. Lighter mornings and evenings. People are just happier in Spring, it's a fact. The sun this week has been magnificent and I've been leaving work with a spring (no pun intended) in my step and a smile on my face. I've even been enjoying the sight of chavs with their tops off, basking in the sun outside the Wetherspoons near my work.

Sun even makes Warrington bearable, that's how powerful it is.