Monday 9 March 2009

The power of Twitter

We all hear stories about how rubbish customer service is these days. Call centres, India, being hung up on, blah blah blah.

Well today I experienced great customer service. About a week ago I tweeted about an Innocent smoothie I'd had that tasted like mackerel. Nice. I drank it, tweeted about it, threw the bottle inb the bin and thought nothing of it. Until today when I got an email from a lady at Innocent to say that they're sending me some vouchers to make up for the fish smoothie of doom. How good is that?!? Twitter is a powerful weapon people, a powerful weapon.

So now I've got to thinking about what else I could slag off on Twitter and get free stuff as a result of. Ferraris? Will I get a free car? Take That? Will Mark Owen come to my house and let me touch his bum? Burger King? Free bacon double cheeseburgers for life (nom)?

The possibilities are endless...