Tuesday 20 January 2009

The (Un)written Word

A selection of comedy pens for your perusal*

I'm suffering from writer's block.

This always happens when I have little or no angst coursing through my little northern veins. Happiness is not conducive to prolific writing. For me, at least.

I could discuss money woes but, to be honest, there are people a lot worse off than me.

I could discuss fatness issues but, again, there are people far worse off than me. And, besides which, I'm actually feeling pretty good about how the regime (tm) of dreams is going. Bar a nice meal and lovely Oddbins red wine at the weekend I've been fairly good. No chocolate. No crisps. No cheese. No booze. And, slowly but surely, it's getting easier! I'm not salivating at the mere mention of cheese laden pizza anymore. I'm not resentful of people who can eat what they like with nary a thought for their thighs and hips. (well, no more resentful than normal anyway..... the rotten swines)

So, in the absence of post ideas, I am throwing myself wide open (steady on) and asking you, my lovely readers, to participate and give me something to write about. Ask me a question. Give me a random topic. Get me to take a photo of something. Anything.

Save me from my barren mind, I beg ye.

*And they only look mildly like sex toys. Phallic fruit pens ftw.